State of the Health Depot Association 2019

At the recent Health Depot Annual Members Meeting, President Doug Abbott offered his thoughts on the state of the Health Depot and its progress.  The following is an excerpt from the meeting:

2019 has started off strong for the state of the Health Depot Association with a membership of 23,000 across the country – members committed to researching and managing their health and wellness for themselves and their families. Although healthcare continues to shift and change at a national level, Health Depot remains committed to providing industry-leading benefits and value for its members.

To help our members better plan for the unexpected, we are pleased to announce new benefits and resources now available. Health Depot has partnered with AirMed International Air Transportation to provide Emergency Medical Air Transport on certain membership levels at no additional cost, to address medical emergencies that may happen while you are hours away from home. Also new in 2019, Guarantee Issued, Term Life Insurance benefits for the primary members are available on specific membership levels. This benefit is underwritten by Amalgamated Life Insurance Company and the primary member can choose coverage amounts of $15,000, $12,500, $10,000, or $5,000.

To our members with families, we are excited to offer a new scholarship opportunity for the 2019-2020 scholastic year to help with continuing education. We will award up to three scholarships of $2,500 to eligible applicants, selected by Scholarship America, an independent administrator. Members with eligible dependents will be receiving an email from Health Depot with more details shortly on qualifications for the scholarship and how to apply.

We appreciate your ongoing feedback regarding benefits and resources that you find valuable on your journey to managing your healthcare costs, as well as the support your Health Depot membership provides. With resources like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and the newsletter, we want Health Depot members to stay informed as we continue to investigate new, competitive benefits and resources that work hard on your behalf. Thank you again for your continued support.

Doug Abbott