Healthy Eating for the Holidays

Don't give up on healthy eating during the holidays. Making a festive and elegant table for your holiday feast is a given, but consider using a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits to brighten up your spread as well.  By adding sautéed red peppers, onions, and mushrooms to bowls of green vegetables, you can introduce a splash of color and additional nutrients to your guests.

Involve your young guests in helping to choose vegetables in a variety of colors at the store.  By involving the children in these important decisions, they will feel a sense of pride and be more willing to try these new vegetables.

“Half of a meal should comprise fruits and vegetables that consist of a variety of colors,” said Vilma Andari, president and founder of NutraHealthFood and a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association. “The other two quarters should be whole grains and healthy proteins.”

Heart-healthy colorful veggies include sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and acorn squash.  Apples and nuts are also healthful and provide texture and variety to any holiday spread.

Enjoy creating a vibrant holiday feast for your loved ones this holiday season with a challenge to add as many colors as possible!

Be sure to visit the American Heart Association for ideas of how to add color and healthy eating recipes to your holiday table.