About Us

At Health Depot, we provide access to affordable health and consumer resources to the people who need these products most - entrepreneurs, small business owners and contractors. We are also dedicated to empowering our members with valuable resources, information and support to guide them in making their personal and professional lives easier and more fulfilling.

We are committed to providing premier customer service and maintaining relationships of trust with all of the people we serve—including our members, carriers and business partners.

Health Depot offers only the most valuable solutions from trusted names in the consumer products and health industry. We work closely with our business partners and vendors to ensure that these products meet our extremely high quality standards.


To enhance the well-being of our members by educating and providing access to information, resources and wellness and lifestyle related discounts and services.


Create a community of people who collectively help one another socially by interacting and exchanging ideas with one another, financially by leveraging the power of the group to acquire access to discounts and services, and physically by providing support, information and tools related to individual health.



We believe in making our members more comfortable, healthy, and happy.


We recognize that every member is different; each one shaped by unique life experiences with different needs for well-being.


We promote education and learning new ideas for our members.


We understand, empathize with, are compassionate toward, and meet the needs and requests of our members.


We do what is right, are accountable for, and take pride in our actions in everything we do for our members.