The Health Depot Association (“HD”) is an Arizona not-for-profit membership association created with the intent to expand access to affordable health and consumer benefits to the people who need these products most. We are also dedicated to empowering our members with valuable resources, information and support to guide them in making their personal and professional lives easier and more fulfilling.

Our administrator and valued business partner, Premier Health Solutions, LLC (“PHS”) is a Texas-based insurance agency and third party administrator (“TPA”) that provides comprehensive benefits administration, management services and TPA services to agents, associations and carriers nationwide.  PHS’s licensed internal agents, and the licensed third-party call center agents who contract with PHS, sell various insurance and non-insurance products to consumers (“Members”) throughout the United States.  PHS also bills, collects and remits insurance premium on behalf of HD and our carrier partners.

Almost all Member sales are conducted telephonically and include a recorded verification script which is required with each sale. The purpose of this recorded verification call is to ensure that the Member understands, among other things, what product they are purchasing, what benefits are included with that product, how much they are paying at the initial time of sale, how much they will pay monthly thereafter, and that all subsequent monthly payments will be automatically drafted from the credit or banking account provided by the Member.

Each Member agrees that they are signing up for benefits or services that include an automatic payment plan. Each Member expressly authorizes PHS to automatically debit their bank account or Credit Card on the payment due date provided to collect any and all fees for their membership. Each Member acknowledges and agrees upon the membership effective date and the initial payment amount (this is comprised of the first month’s membership dues plus a one-time, non-refundable HD membership enrollment processing fee). Each Member also acknowledges and agrees that their monthly dues will be automatically charged or drafted every month from the credit card, debit card or bank account they provide to us. Further, each Member attests that they are the holder of the credit card, debit card or bank account provided to us for payment of the membership(s) or product(s) purchased.

Each Member may cancel automatic payments at any time by calling Customer Service at (214) 436-8882. Each Member understands that they may terminate the scheduled payments by providing written notification to the Customer Service team five (5) business day prior to the next scheduled payment date.  This advance notice allows processing time to ensure the termination occurs prior to the next scheduled payment date.  Automatic payment termination cannot be guaranteed with respect to notice provided outside of this window.  Each Member understands and agrees that the insurance agent or broker, if any, who assisted or is assisting the Member with their application for membership, is a representative of the Member. If an application acknowledgment is signed by a representative of the Member, the signatory represents his/her capacity to so act.

If a Member is not satisfied with their membership, they may cancel within thirty (30) days from their membership’s effective date and they may be eligible to receive a full refund on the monthly membership dues collected for that month.  Please review your member materials or call Customer Service at (214) 436-8882 to confirm the cancellation notification period required.  All cancellations must be directed to Customer Service. Cancellations are processed Monday–Thursday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (“CST”) and Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. CST.  All cancellation requests must be made five (5) days prior to the billing date in order to cancel the membership for that month. This advance notice allows processing time to ensure the cancellation occurs prior to the next scheduled payment date.  Cancellations cannot be guaranteed with respect to notice provided outside of this window.  If a cancellation request is received on or after the recurring billing date and the payment has been drafted, the membership will terminate prior to the next billing date and the member will be covered through the next month. However, each Member acknowledges and understands that the one-time enrollment fee is non-refundable. (Exception: The enrollment fee may be refundable to members who reside in AR, IN, MO, and SC.) The PHS billing department will aggressively rebut and dispute any cancellation attempts made by Members via a “friendly” fraud chargeback, or similar—especially if there is no documentation in the Member’s record of an effort made by the Member to resolve the issue by first contacting Customer Service.

By submitting a claim to the applicable vendor or carrier during the first ten (10) to thirty (30) days (time limit is dependent upon membership[s] and product[s] purchased) under any of the insurance or noninsurance plans included with the HD membership, each Member acknowledges and agrees that such a submission constitutes acceptance of the membership, the products, and their terms, and that submission of such a claim constitutes a waiver of any and all refund rights, including those noted in the foregoing paragraphs.

Each Member acknowledges and agrees that some of the benefits purchased may have pre-existing condition limitations and also may not be considered "minimum essential coverage" under the federal Affordable Care Act and therefore, depending upon each Member’s family and financial situation, the Individual may be subject to the individual shared fee.  Only certain major medical products are compliant with the Affordable Care Act.  It is the Member’s responsibility to read their materials and certificates thoroughly to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the membership(s), product(s) or plan(s) purchased.  Call Customer Service at (214) 436-8882 if there are any questions.

If applicable, each Member acknowledges and agrees that if there is any discrepancy between what they thought the selling Agent told them about the membership(s) or product(s) purchased and what the actual member materials or policy states, the member materials and policy terms govern. EACH MEMBER IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED AND ADVISED TO READ ALL MEMBERSHIP, AND, IF APPLICABLE, POLICY MATERIALS CAREFULLY AND TO GO OVER ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS WITH THEIR AGENT, A FAMILY MEMBER, OR A TRUSTED INDIVIDUAL WHO MAY BETTER UNDERSTAND SUCH MEMBERSHIP AND POLICY MATERIALS.

By either purchasing products through HD or enrolling in HD, each Member agrees to receive their membership and product materials (including benefit guides and ID cards) via email, in addition to important notifications regarding their membership or product, as applicable.

Each Member acknowledges and agrees that they will receive a “welcome” email within 24 hours of their membership(s) or product(s) enrollment, which will include the membership or product information purchased. Members may have the ability to download all materials, including ID cards, and depending on the membership(s) or product(s) purchased, may also receive official cards in the mail. It is each Member’s responsibility to thoroughly review all materials furnished, whether it be via email, regular mail or other means. Questions can be directed to Customer Service at (214) 436-8882.


Each Member consents and agrees that their voice consent shall serve as their signature.  Each Member agrees they will be fully responsible for reviewing their application carefully to ensure their full understanding of all provisions of the membership, product or plan coverage, as applicable.

Each Member consents and agrees to the use of electronic signatures of documents (collectively, with the foregoing paragraph, the “Authorization”).  I understand and agree that an electronic or typed signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written or manual signature.  I agree that, by using this website and by purchasing any HD membership(s) or product(s), my agreement or consent to do, either by voice or electronic means, shall be legally binding and enforceable.

Each Member agrees that this Authorization may be terminated by the Member or the Company at any time and for any reason by providing written notice of such termination to the nonterminating party and may be terminated by the Company immediately if any debit is not honored by the depository named for any reason. Each Member further understands and agrees that neither HD, nor PHS shall incur no liability if the credit card company or banking institution dishonors any amount charged under this Authorization and may terminate this Authorization immediately if any charges are not paid. Each Member agrees to hold both HD and PHS harmless against any liability pursuant to this Authorization.

For a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices, click here.

For a copy of our Consent & Disclosure for Electronic Records and Terms & Conditions for the Purchase of Memberships and Policies, click here.