Starting Coverage: June 19

About Personal Risk Offerings

PROPERTY: Provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage.

VALUABLE ARTICLES: Helps protect your most treasured items such as instruments, jewelry, fine art, wine and spirits, and antiques.

AUTOMOBILE: Protects you against loss arising from destruction of or damage to an insured motor vehicle.

EXCESS LIABILITY: Provides additional coverage for one of your liability insurance policies, typically general liability insurance. It activates when the underlying policy reaches its limit.

FARM AND RANCH: A hybrid form of coverage meant to protect you both personally and commercially. Like a standard homeowner policy, farm insurance will cover your home, possessions and personal liability. Beyond that, it also includes coverage for your machinery and livestock.

For more information and enrollment please contact – Andi Vo Tran | USI – Personal Risk Specialist | | 713.490.4656

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