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About HD True Protection

The HD True Protection membership includes discounts and special offers on a variety of Consumer, Business and Health Care programs, services and discounts PLUS Accident and Sickness Limited Benefit insurance to help with out-of-pocket medical expenses, as well as living expenses. Additionally, the True Protection Max membership includes Term Life insurance for the Primary Member. And these memberships are offered year round with an option of 5 plan levels to choose from to best fit your needs.

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Association Benefits

Consumer Discounts

Retail Benefits

Through this online shopping site, members can earn up to 40% cash back at more than 5,000 leading merchants and save even more with coupons that can be used instantly in-store. Shop at popular stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Gap, Banana Republic, Champs Sports, Home Depot, Macy’s and JCPenney. Book travel (airfare, hotels, rental cars, and more) through featured sites like Travelocity, Orbitz,, Priceline and Expedia.

Gym America

Online access for personalized meal plans tailored to your needs, interactive tools for keeping you on track with fitness and nutrition goals, smart weekly shopping lists and much more for a special price.

GlobalFit Gym Network

Members receive discounted gym memberships at more than 9,000 gyms nationwide including, L.A. Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, and local favorites. Members can also take advantage of exclusive member savings on wearable technology, diet resources like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, meal plans and diet delivery options, and vitamins and supplements.

True Car Auto Buying Service

Save time and money shopping for a new or used car through True Car. Members receive exclusive pricing, price protection and a hassle-free buying experience at thousands of Certified Dealers.

Car Rental Discounts

Take advantage of affordable auto rental rates from Avis®, Budget® and Dollar® Rent A Car.

Massage Envy

A spa day isn’t just a way to pamper yourself—a massage can also offer health benefits to many people. Whether you suffer from chronic pain such as headaches and back issues or have a highstress life, a massage may help. Members receive up to 20% off many of the plans and services at Massage Envy.


Save 15% when you order flowers and gifts from, either online or by phone. You’ll enjoy top-quality customer service with same-day delivery on many items.

Magazine Discounts

Save up to 85% off regular subscription rates on popular titles through and, Inc.

Moving Discounts

Cord Moving and Storage Co., an agent for North American Van Lines, offers members valuable discounts on moving and relocation services while providing the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.

Financial Counseling

Through My Secure Advantage (MSA), HD members and eligible family members have all the resources needed to feel confident about financial goals in any stage of life – be it growing a family, buying a house, caring for aging parents, or planning retirement.

CLC ID Theft & Fraud Resolution

Members and family receive identity theft and fraud resolution services through CLC, Inc. The CLC identity theft resolution program was developed to help guide victims of identity theft and other fraudulent crimes through the complex process of restoring their personal identity, credit rating, financial security, and legal integrity. This benefit includes ID Monitoring, Fraud Restoration, Document Preparation, Lost/Stolen Purse or Wallet Services, Financial Coaching, and Legal Consultation.

CLC Legal Access

Through the CLC Legal Access program, our members have access to free initial legal consultations and discounted services to address many common legal concerns. Members also receive simple will preparation and access to online legal resources at no additional cost.

Health Care Discounts

IDLife Nutritional Products

IDLife products are scientifically formulated to help you by providing therapeutic doses of specific nutrients to:

  • Restore nutrients depleted by your Rx program
  • Help your body resist Rx side effects
  • Improve your overall nutrition status thus optimizing your health

Additionally, they have been pre-screened to avoid drug/nutrient interactions that may be present with your current vitamin program.

Laboratory Testing

MyMedLab offers an efficient, affordable and confidential solution to medical laboratory testing. You can purchase the same testing ordered by your doctor at a cost 50% to 80% less than in your doctor’s office or local hospital lab.

Testing can be purchased 24 hours a day on the MyMedLab website. Tests are listed both individually and in groups called Wellness Profiles based on your age, sex and family history. This basic information is all you need to identify which profile evaluates your risk for common conditions associated with your specific group.

Diagnostic Testing

MDsave gives you a better way to buy your medical services, like radiology testing. You get one upfront, easy-to-understand price, which includes the most common fees that go along with your procedure. That means no surprise bills later!  Doctors and hospitals partner with MDsave to help you afford your out-of-pocket costs. When you prepay through MDsave, your medical provider is able to offer special pricing on the same quality care because it makes the billing process more efficient.

Hearing Products and Screenings

Members and their immediate family members (grandparents, parents, spouse and children) will receive complimentary hearing screenings and a 15% retail discount off the usual and customary retail price of any Beltone hearing instrument at any of over 1500 locations throughout the United States.


Talk to a doctor by phone, web or mobile app anytime, anywhere. From your home, office, hotel room, or vacation campsite, simply make a phone call, and in most cases, speak to a doctor in less than 30 minutes, with an average call back time of less than 10 minutes. When you call Teladoc, you will always speak to a doctor who lives and works in the United States and is licensed to practice medicine in your state. Teladoc is also the only telemedicine provider able to treat children from 0-17¹ . It’s health care that fits in the palm of your hand.

ScriptSave Rx Savings Card

The ScriptSave Prescription Savings Card provides you access to discounted prescription drug prices. All household members can use the same card – including pets, if the pet medication is a common drug that is also used by people. There are no limits on how many times members and their family can use the card.


Members and their dependents can save 15% to 50%* on dental care through our Dental network of over 110,000 participating provider listings, including both general dentists and specialists across America.

Simply select a participating dentist in your area and present your membership card at your appointment to receive the discounted rates. There is no limit to the number of visits and you can change dentists within the network at any time for any reason.

Small Business Discounts

Business AdvantEdge

The Business AdvantEdge Program provides you with access to discounted business services. You can save money on a variety of services through many more vendors on the Business AdvantEdge website. New Vendors and services are always being added, so be sure to visit the website frequently to access all of the services available to help you save time and money so you can focus on the success of your small business.

ADP Payroll Processing

Members can access a 25% discount on processing costs and a free month of payroll processing. In addition, the one-time setup fee will be waived.

Computer and Technology Products

Hewlett-Packard offers members affordable pricing on business and home office products. Members receive discounts on HP notebooks, laptops, desktops, servers, printers, digital cameras, handhelds, point-of-sale (scanners, cash registers, etc.) and more.

NAC Web Services

Members can access discounts on website development and maintenance as well as web hosting. Their experienced staff of programmers and graphic designers offer creative and intuitive websites custom-built to your specifications.

Office Depot Office Supplies

Members save 15% off hundreds of office supplies and 60% off printing online, by phone/fax, or in stores. Members also receive additional monthly special offers and incentives, as well as free next day delivery on qualifying orders of $50 or more (reduced shipping costs for lesser orders).

Penny Wise Office Supplies

Members receive the guaranteed lowest prices on over 20,000 office products and additional savings when orders are placed online. Fast, free shipping is also virtually guaranteed from the 40 Penny Wise distribution centers nationwide.

UPS Shipping

Members receive discounts on UPS delivery services for a variety of next day, 2-day and 3-day shipping options.


Sprint/T-Mobile Wireless Services
Get more savings and more value as you add more lines to your small business Sprint account. In addition to member discounts on devices and monthly plans, leverage Sprint’s easy team management solutions, priority support, and mobile security features.  Members receive up to $650 in credits for each line you switch to Sprint’s network, as well as access to business features like in-vehicle wifi, push-to-talk connectivity and fleet management solutions.

Value Added Benefits

MultiPlan Provider Network

This Health Depot Membership includes the MultiPlan Limited Benefit Network through MultiPlan, Inc., which offers you:

Choice – Broad access to nearly 4,400 hospitals, 79,000 ancillaries and more than 700,000 healthcare professionals.

Savings – Negotiated discounts that result in significant cost savings when you visit in-network providers, helping to maximize your benefits. A MultiPlan Limited Benefit Plan logo on your health insurance card tells both you and your provider that a MultiPlan discount applies.

Quality – MultiPlan applies rigorous criteria when credentialing providers for participation in the MultiPlan Limited Benefit Plan Network, so you can be assured you are choosing your healthcare provider from a high-quality network.

MES Vision

Through the MES Vision program, our members receive one vision examination every 12 months plus 20% discounts on a variety of eyewear products.

Point Health

Point Health is a healthcare patient advocacy company on a mission to make healthcare easy to find, easy to understand, and easier to afford. Through their product and services, Point Health can help members navigate a complex healthcare system, negotiate eligible medical bills, and ensure they get the most from their benefits. Members can access their smart healthcare platform by calling patient advocates directly. When members need extra support, they also have patient advocates available to guide them through healthcare decisions and even negotiate bills for them.

Insured Benefits

Accident and Sickness Limited Benefit Insurance

Unified Life Insurance Company

Benefit DescriptionTrue Protection
True Protection Level 1True Protection Level 2True Protection Level 3True Protection Level 4
Hospital Confinement Benefit
Pays a daily benefit if a Covered Person incurs charges for and is Confined in a Hospital for a period of no less than 20 continuous hours due to injuries received in a Covered Accident or due to a Covered Sickness. This benefit is not payable for emergency room or outpatient treatment.
Benefit per Day of Confinement$250$250$500$750$1,000
Maximum Days per Insured per Membership Year1515152030
Hospital Intensive Care Unit Confinement Benefit
Pays a daily benefit if a Covered Person incurs charges for and is Confined in a Hospital Intensive Care Unit due to injuries received in a Covered Accident or due to a Covered Sickness. This benefit is payable if the Hospital Confinement benefit is payable and is paid in addition to the Hospital Confinement Benefit.1
Benefit per Day of ConfinementN/A$250$500$750$1,000
Maximum Days per Insured per Membership Year 2N/A3333
Additional Hospital Admission Benefit
Pays a benefit for the first day of hospitalization if a Covered Person incurs charges for and is Confined in a Hospital for a period of no less than 20 continuous hours due to injuries received in a Covered Accident or due to a Covered Sickness. This benefit is not payable for emergency room treatment.
Benefit for the First Day of HospitalizationN/A$250$500$750$1,000
Maximum Days per Insured per Membership Year 2N/A1111
Surgery Benefit (percentage of Surgical Fee Schedule)3
Pays a benefit for any day a Covered Person undergoes a surgical procedure due to a Covered Accident or Covered Sickness. The procedure must be performed by a board certified surgeon in a Hospital or an Ambulatory Surgical Center. Anesthesia must be administered by a licensed anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA).
% of Surgical Fee Schedule for Any Day in which Surgery is performed on an Inpatient BasisN/AN/A100%125%150%
% of Surgical Fee Schedule for Any Day in which Surgery is performed on an Outpatient BasisN/AN/A100%125%150%
Maximum Days in which Inpatient or Outpatient Surgery is Performed per Membership YearN/AN/A111
Anesthesia Benefit - Percentage of Surgical Fee Schedule Per Day of SurgeryN/AN/A25%25%25%
Outpatient Surgical Facility Benefit 4
Pays a daily benefit for any day a Covered Person incurs charges for a surgical procedure performed in an Ambulatory Surgical Center or in a Hospital on an outpatient basis. The charges must be incurred as a result of injuries received in a Covered Accident or due to a Covered Sickness.
Benefit Amount per DayN/A$200$300$400$500
Maximum Days per Insured per Membership YearN/A1111
Doctor Office Visit Benefit
Pays a daily benefit for any day a Covered Person incurs charges for and requires a Doctor's office visit due to injuries received in a Covered Accident or due to a Covered Sickness. Visits due to injuries received in a Covered Accident must occur within 72 hours after the date of the Covered Accident. Services must be rendered by a licensed Physician acting within the scope of their license.
Benefit Amount per Day $65$65$75$85$100
Maximum Days per Insured per Membership Year533333
Diagnostic X-Ray & Laboratory Tests Benefit (including interpretation)
Pays a daily benefit for any day a Covered Person incurs charges for diagnostic x-ray and/or laboratory testing caused by a Covered Accident or Covered Sickness. The test must be ordered by a Physician because of a Covered Accident or Covered Sickness and must be performed in a Hospital, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Doctor's office or Diagnostic Center or Facility. This benefit is not payable if Hospital Confinement, Emergency Room or Doctor Office benefit is paid.
Benefit per Day for Basic Pathology (laboratory tests)$25$50$65$75$100
Benefit per Day for Basic Radiology (x-rays, ultrasounds and other medical imaging)
Maximum Benefit for All Pathology and Radiology per Insured per Membership Year22233
Emergency Room Visits Benefit 5
Pays a daily benefit for any day a Covered Person incurs charges for and requires medical care from an emergency room due to injuries received in a Covered Accident or due to a Covered Sickness. Services must be rendered by a Physician. Visits due to injuries received in a Covered Accident must occur within 72 hours after the date of the Covered Accident. Benefit will not be payable if Covered Person is confined in a Hospital as a result of the injuries received in the Covered Accident or due to the Covered Sickness that caused the visit to the Emergency Room.
Benefit Amount per DayN/A$100$150$200$250
Maximum Days per Insured per Membership YearN/A1111
Ambulance Benefit
Pays a benefit for any day a licensed professional ambulance company transports a Covered Person by ground transportation to or from a Hospital or between medical facilities, where treatment is received as the result of a Covered Sickness or Accident. The ambulance transportation must be within 90 days after a Covered Sickness or Accident. Benefit is payable once per Covered Sickness or Accident.
Land Ambulance BenefitN/A$100$150$200$250
Maximum Number of Trips per Sickness and Accident per YearN/A1111


There is a 30-day waiting period for sickness on the Accident and Sickness Limited Benefit Health Insurance. Not applicable for residents of California, Idaho and Texas.

1The Hospital Intensive Care Unit Benefit is not paid in addition to the Hospital Confinement Benefit in CA; only one benefit is paid.

2Maximum Days per Insured per Membership year for CA residents is 5.

3The Surgery Benefit pays a flat dollar amount, based on the Surgical Fee Schedule, in ID, NE, OH, and TN. The benefits per membership level are as follows: Level 1- N/A, Level 2 – $850, Level 3 – $1,075 and Level 4 – $1,300. Anesthesia remains 25% of surgery benefit in these states.
CA surgery benefits Level 1 – N/A, Level 2 – 90% of 2010 RBRVS fee with $5,000 maximum benefit per coverage year per covered person, Level 3 and Level 4 – 100% of 2010 RBRVS fee with $10,000 maximum benefit per coverage year per covered person. Anesthesia remains 25% of surgery benefits for California.

4The Outpatient Surgical Facility Benefit is not available in CA.


Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Unified Life Insurance Company

Benefit DescriptionTrue Protection
True Protection Level 1True Protection Level 2True Protection Level 3True Protection Level 4
Critical Illness First Occurrence Lump Sum Benefit
Pays a benefit for any Covered Person upon the First Ever Diagnosis by a Physician of one of the following covered conditions or procedures:
Maximum Benefit per Insured per Membership YearN/A$2,500$2,500$5,000$5,000
Heart AttackN/A100%100%100%100%
Invasive Cancer 6 (diagnosis more than 30 days after the Certificate Effective Date)N/A100%100%100%100%
Invasive Cancer 6 (diagnosis within the first 30 days after the Certificate Effective Date)N/A10%10%10%10%
End-Stage Renal FailureN/A100%100%100%100%
Major Organ TransplantN/A100%100%100%100%
Cancer In Situ (diagnosis more than 30 days after the Certificate Effective Date)N/A25%25%25%25%
Cancer In Situ (diagnosis within the first 30 days after the Certificate Effective Date)N/A2.5%2.5%2.5%2.5%
Accident Excess Medical Expense Benefit 7
Pays up to benefit amount shown, after deductible, for excess medical expenses, if a Covered Person is injured as the result of a Covered Accident and receives the first treatment or service within 90 days of the Covered Accident.
Accident Excess Medical Expense Benefit per Covered Person per Covered Accident N/A$2,500$2,500$2,500$5,000
Deductible per Covered Person per Covered AccidentN/A$250$250$250$250
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit (AD&D)
Pays benefit amount shown if a Covered Person is injured as the result of a Covered Accident, and dies, or loss occurs, within 365 days after the Covered Accident. Only one amount, the largest benefit amount to which the Covered Person is entitled, will be paid for all losses resulting from one Accident. If the Primary Insured's death occurs while riding as a fare-paying passenger in a Common Carrier, the Common Carrier Benefit will be payable. There is no Common Carrier Benefit for dependents.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit Principal Sum for Primary InsuredN/A$10,000$25,000$25,000
Common Carrier Accidental Death Benefit Principal Sum (Primary Insured Only)N/A200%200%200%200%
AD&D Benefit for Covered DependentsPercentage of Primary Insured's Principal Sum
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit for Spouse (no children)N/A50%50%50%50%
Accident Death & Dismemberment Benefit for Spouse (with children)N/A40%40%40%40%
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit for Child(ren) (with Spouse)N/A10%10%10%10%
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit for Child(ren) (no Spouse)N/A15%15%15%15%
Type of LossPrincipal Sum for Primary Insured 8
Loss of LifeN/A$10,000$25,000$25,000$25,000
Loss of Both Hands or Both Feet
Loss of Sight of Both Eyes
Loss of One Hand and One Foot
Loss of One Hand and the Sight of One Eye
Loss of One Foot and the Sight of One Eye
Loss of One Hand or One FootN/A$5,000$12,500$12,500$12,500
Loss of Sight of One Eye


5The Emergency Room benefit is paid in addition to the Hospital Confinement benefit for residents of CA only. This benefit also includes Urgent Care for residents of CA only.

6For CA First Occurrence of Invasive Cancer pays at 100% regardless if identified more than 30 or within 30 days oft the Certificate date.

7This benefit pays in excess of any other valid coverage, health plan, automobile medical payments coverage, government provided coverage, Workers Compensation coverage or any other employer/employee liability coverage, regardless of any coordination of benefit provision contained in the aforementioned coverages.

8Covered Spouse and Covered Dependent children receive a percentage of the Primary Insured’s Principal Sum, as listed in the table above.

Term Life Insurance

Amalgamated Life Insurance Company

CoverageA Member will receive one of the following amounts of coverage, based on the True Protection Max level they choose:
Value - N/A
Level 1 - $5,000
Level 2 - $10,000
Level 3 - $12,500
Level 4 - $15,000
EligibilityA Member will be eligible for Term Life Insurance if currently an active Member of the Health Depot Association and:
Has paid current dues to the Association;
Member is actively at work; and
Meets the eligibility conditions described in the Certificate.

A Member is not eligible if the Member is not actively at work on the day you would normally become eligible.
Termination of CoverageA Member's Term Life Insurance Benefit ends on the earliest of:
The date the Policy terminates;
The date the Member is no longer a member of the association;
The last day of the month in which your employment in the eligible class under this policy ends;
The date the Member is in active service in the armed forces of a country at war, declared or not;
Any applicable premium is due and unpaid.
Age ReductionCoverage reduces 35% of the original amount at age 65; 50% of the original amount at age 70.
Accelerated BenefitIf a Member is terminally ill, the Member can receive up to 50% of their life coverage benefit in a lump sum as long as life expectancy is 12 months or less (as diagnosed by a physician).

The Accelerated Benefit, less any administrative charge*, will be paid in a lump sum and any remaining Death Benefit under the Certificate will be reduced by the amount of Accelerated Benefit. The amount of any Accidental Death Benefit will not be affected by the payment of the Accelerated Benefit. Premium must continue to be paid for the Insured under the Group Policy after payment of an Accelerated Benefit in order to keep the remaining Certificate Death Benefit in force.

Receipt of Accelerated Benefit may affect eligibility for public assistance programs and may be taxable. Please consult a personal tax advisor to determine the tax status of any benefits paid under this rider.

*There is an administrative charge of $75 to process the Accelerated Benefit claim.


Information You Need to Know

Guaranteed Coverage – The maximum amount of coverage available during the initial enrollment period with no medical information required.

Coverage Effective Date – The date the membership in the Health Depot Association becomes effective and all required dues have been paid.

Coverage Waiting Period – Coverage is subject to a 30 day waiting period. No benefit will be paid during the first 30 days of coverage.

Monthly Rates

ValueLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Member + Spouse$219$309$499$629$799
Member + Child(ren)$195$299$482$595$759
Member + Family$279$399$665$839$1,089
One-time $99 enrollment fee applies, charged by Health Depot Association.
Max Level 1Max Level 2Max Level 3Max Level 4
Member + Spouse$319$514$647$819
Member + Child(ren)$309$497$613$779
Member + Family$409$680$857$1,109

FAQ / About the Carrier

About the Carrier

Unified Life Insurance Company

Unified Life Insurance Company is a stock life insurance company with over thirty years of experience in the fields of life, health and annuity insurance and reinsurance.

First incorporated in Texas in 1986, Unified Life has been providing valuable coverage and protection to consumers for over three decades, boasting stability and a positive financial outlook (B++) from industry rating firm AM Best.

From the beginning, Unified Life has focused on community service as a guiding principle. They believe in a responsibility to give back to their neighbors and to foster support for a variety of causes.

The mission of Unified Life is keeping promises that have been made to policyholders. They do this by being fair, equitable and efficient and striving for the highest level of integrity. Unified Life wants to be there for policyholders when needed most. Because it’s better when you’re Unified.

Amalgamated Life Insurance Company

About Amalgamated Life
Since its inception in 1943, Amalgamated Life Insurance Company has made its mission to help working people and their families achieve financial security by providing affordable life, health and pension products and services while maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence.

For more than 40 years, Amalgamated Life has maintained a consistent A.M. Best “A” Rating (Excellent) – a testament to their strong fiscal condition and excellent claims-paying performance.

Experience You Can Trust
Amalgamated Life continually strives to meet the insurance and employee benefit needs of its customers. Their role is to serve working people with the best solutions and equally important, the highest standards of service quality.

Amalgamated Life is a dedicated resource for a broad portfolio of group insurance products, including: disability, medical stop loss, term life and specialty drug cost management services, as well as voluntary benefits, including: accident, accidental death & dismemberment, critical illness, dental, disability, hearing, legal and whole life insurance.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Amalgamated Life exemplifies a true “Best in Class,” leading-edge insurance solution provider committed as ever to meeting the insurance needs of working men and women and their families. The Company is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Membership Eligibility

  • Between the ages of eighteen (18) and sixty-four (64)
  • Reside in an available state
  • Dependent children must be under the age of twenty-six (26)
Insurance benefits are not available to residents of: AK, CO, CT, DC, HI, IN, KS, ME, MD, MA, MN, MO, MT, NC, ND, NH, NJ, NY, OR, RI, SD, UT, VT, WA

Health Care Discounts Disclosure

Not Available in AK, OK, UT, VT, WA. If members move to one of those states, their discount medical benefits will terminate.
The discount medical, health and drug benefits (The Plan) are NOT insurance, a health insurance policy, a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act.
The Plan provides discounts for certain medical services, pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs or medical equipment and supplies offered by providers who have agreed to participate in the Plan. The range of discounts for medical, pharmacy or ancillary services offered under The Plan will vary depending on the type of provider and products or services received. The Plan does not make and is prohibited from making members’ payments to providers for products or services received under The Plan. The Plan member is required and obligated to pay for all discounted prescription drugs, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, services and equipment received under The Plan, but will receive a discount on certain identified medical, pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies from providers in The Plan. The Discount Medical Plan Organization/Discount Plan Organization is Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc., 5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1500, Dallas, Texas 75244. You may call 214-436-8882 or email for more information or visit for a list of providers. The Plan will make available before purchase and upon request, a list of program providers and the providers’ city, state and specialty, located in the member’s service area. Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. does not guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by individual providers. You have the right to cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel your membership within 30 days of the effective date, you will receive a full refund of all periodic charges. The processing fee is non-refundable except in AR, MD and TN. To cancel you must, notify the Health Depot Association verbally or in writing; notify Health Depot Association at 2601 Network Blvd, Suite 500, Frisco, TX 75034 or by calling 214-436-8882. We will stop collecting membership fees in a reasonable amount of time, but no later than 30 days after cancellation. Any complaints should be directed to Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. at the address or phone number above. Upon receipt of the complaint, member will receive confirmation of receipt within 5 business days. After investigation of the complaint, Alliance HealthCard of Florida, Inc. will provide member with the results and a proposed resolution no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint.
Note to DE, IL, LA, NE, NH, OH, RI, SD, TX, and WV consumers: If you remain dissatisfied after completing the complaint system, you may contact your state department of insurance.
Note to MA consumers: The plan is not insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00.