Benefit Summary

Pin Paws is composed of two features: an online pet profile for the storage of important information and documents with a lost-pet notification tag to help them be returned should they be lost and found.


Provides your pet with an online profile for storing important veterinary and medical information as well as uploading important documents. Should your pet become lost, you have immediate access to downloading a pre-filled lost poster with the click of a button.


Ever wanted to pin down those wandering paws? We all love our pets dearly, but due to modern day living a simple pet tag with a phone number isn’t enough.  As much as we love to give our four legged best friends as much freedom as possible, sometimes they can enjoy a little too much and disappear off much to our dismay! There’s no worse feeling than losing your pet!  No more worrying, fretting or panicking – this system allows you to be notified almost immediately when your pet is found.