Your HD Protection Plus plan includes the PHCS Network through MultiPlan, Inc. You now have access to the largest primary PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) in the nation, which offers you:

Choice - Broad access to nearly 4,400 hospitals, 79,000 ancillaries and more than 700,000 healthcare professionals.

Savings - Negotiated discounts that result in significant cost savings when you visit in-network providers, helping to maximize your benefits. A PHCS logo on your health insurance card tells both you and your provider that a PHCS discount applies.

Quality - MultiPlan applies rigorous criteria when credentialing providers for participation in the PHCS Network, so you can be assured you are choosing your healthcare provider from a high-quality network.

Find a PHCS Network Provider

MultiPlan can help you find the provider of your choice. Simply call (888) 371-7427 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) and identify yourself as a health plan participant accessing PHCS Network for Limited Benefit plans. You may also search online at www.multiplan.com:

  1. Click on the Search for a Doctor or Facility button
  2. Indicate that you have the PHCS Limited Benefit Plan logo on your ID card (found in Front of Card/Other network logos section)
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your search criteria

If you are currently seeing a doctor or other healthcare professional who does not participate in the PHCS Network, you may use the Online Provider Referral System in the Patients section of www.multiplan.com, which allows you to nominate the provider in just minutes using an online form. When you complete the form, MultiPlan will contact your nominee to determine whether the provider is interested in joining. If so, they will follow up to recruit the provider.

Confirm Participation in the PHCS Network

It is your responsibility to confirm your provider or facility’s continued participation in the PHCS Network and accessibility under your benefit plan. When scheduling your appointment, specify that you have access to the PHCS Network through the HD Protection Plus Plan, confirm the provider’s current participation in the PHCS Network, their address and that they are accepting new patients. Please also be sure to follow any preauthorization procedures required by your plan (usually a telephone number on your ID card). In addition, to ensure proper handling of your claim, always present your current benefits ID card upon arrival at your appointment.

Please note: MultiPlan, Inc. and its subsidiaries are not insurance companies, do not pay claims and do not guarantee health benefit coverage.