How Does MDsave Special Pricing Work?

Just like booking travel or shopping online, you pay for your procedure upfront and receive a voucher as proof of purchase. When you prepay through MDsave, your medical provider is able to offer special pricing on the same quality care because it makes the billing process more efficient. Based on your individual care needs, you may require additional services, which will be billed separately from your purchased procedure. If you do require additional services at the time of care, you may be able to purchase them through MDsave as well.

Sample Specialties

Lower your out-of-pocket health expenses with one all inclusive procedure price. Use MDsave for imaging and radiology procedures like CT Scans, Ultrasounds, and X-Rays. MDsave can also help you find the lowest price for cardiology tests like Stress Tests, Angiography, and Electrocardiograms. If you need to schedule therapy, MDsave can help find competitive pricing for Physical Therapy Visits, Speech Therapy Visits, and Occupational Therapy Visits. Specialties vary by location.

Compare & Save

Scan Average Charge Average MDsave
Percent Savings Dollar Savings
Colonoscopy $4,469 $2,000 55% $2,469
MRI with Contrast $1,444 $738 49% $706
CT Scan with Contrast $716 $368 49% $348

“When I got on MDsave, it showed me exactly what was included.
So I knew the details right up front and that is important!
If we ever want to contain healthcare costs, then we have to be savvy shoppers.”