Healthcare starts with Compass

Compass Professional Health Services is your champion for simpler, smarter healthcare. Compass can help you lower your healthcare costs while maintaining or improving the quality. With their unparalleled expertise in price transparency and patient advocacy services, Compass returns control to the patient in a way that benefits the entire healthcare system.

Better Care + Lower Costs = Happier Patients

One hospital might charge $1,500 for an MRI, while another charges $500—in the same city. Compass can help you make sense of medical treatment options and costs. From finding doctors to getting cost estimates to solving billing problems, Compass will serve as your personal healthcare advisor. You can rely on your Compass Health Pro® consultant to make you an empowered healthcare consumer who takes control of healthcare costs.

Compass’ service is simple to use and available to you & your family

Understand Insurance Benefits

Receive guidance in understanding your benefits throughout the year.

Find a Great Doctor

Find the best doctors, dentists and eye care professionals in your area who meet your personal preferences and healthcare needs.

Save Money on Medical Care

Get price comparisons before receiving care. Depending on the doctor, hospital or facility, costs can vary by hundreds or thousands of dollars — even in-network.

Pay Less for Prescriptions

Let Compass compare medication prices and explore lower-cost options for you.

Get Help with Medical Bills

Have your medical bills reviewed to make sure you are not overcharged.

Reasons to contact Compass right now.

  1. Struggling to understand your medical and benefits plan? Let Compass help you understand how your plan actually works.
  2. Moved recently or looking for a new provider? We’ll find great doctors, dentists and eye care professionals for you and your family
  3. Need an annual physical? We’ll locate the rightdoctor and set up your appointment.
  4. Upcoming medical procedure? We’ll estimate your out-of-pocket costs to ensure you pay a fair price.
  5. Tired of overpaying for brand-name prescriptions? Let Compass research the most cost-effective options for the prescriptions you’re taking.
  6. Wondering if a medical bill is correct? We’ll make sure you’re not overbilled.