• Easy enrollment with no complicated forms to fill out
  • No inconvenient trips to the pharmacy
  • Supplies delivered directly to your home with free shipping
  • Automated shipments to ensure you never run out of testing supplies

  • Nine Years of Experience
  • Prescription Services
  • Accessible Customer Care
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Their customer service representatives are both knowledgeable and courteous and ready to assist you along the way. The Diabetic Supplies Savings program provides reliable, affordable testing supplies to the thousands of diabetics who are uninsured or under-insured or have to pay out of pocket.

Price Comparison – If you test 3 times per day
Walmart $1600
Walgreens $1,867.86/year
Walgreens Brand $1,801.61/year
Drugstore.com $1,693.11/year
DiabeticExpress.com $1,576.38/year
Diabetic Savings Program $873.00/year
This example is for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary.